Tree 17

The basic elements of Tree 17 are the same as Tree, such as the basic design and size. The difference is the edge with a moderately curved surface, which extends from the top of the backboard to the back posts and back legs.

Most chairs today are produced based on the European concept. However, chairs spontaneously originated in various countries. With a theme of “Japanese chair”, as well as simplicity, neatness, quietness, universality, and dignity, we pursued how to achieve quietness and dignity in a simple structure, while simply achieving the functional elements of chairs. We will continue to examine the theme of a simple chair with a Japanese appearance and attractiveness. Materials, structure, and fine details become more important when things get simpler. For this chair, we focused on the angle of the back legs, the angle and location of the back posts, and the balance between the overall and backboard volumes. The round chamfering of the back corners enhance the soft and gentle texture of solid wood in total.

The edge chamfering is the only difference in the shape of the backboard and back posts of Tree and Tree 17. It appears to be a slight difference at first glance, but significantly changes the presence and appearance of the entire chair. The solid, edgy, sharp and rustic appearance of Tree, and the softer-textured, simple presence of Tree 17: the difference between them represents the importance of small details, as it can alter the presence of the chair.