The designing of Argyle started from searching new approaches for a Windsor chair that has thin rods aligned as the backrest. We examined a backrest that has a structure to enfold the user’s back in three dimensions using only a few straight round rods. The legs are connected to the seat surface on a diagonal to be in accord with the spokes crossing in a diagonal to obtain a united appearance of the chair as a whole.

The structure is designed to maintain strength with minimal parts. The argyle pattern of the backrest made by the combination of spokes in an inverted “v” shape gives a light and graphical impression. It may appear to offer a casual seating experience but in reality, the spokes arranged in three dimensions softly enfold the back and support the body. Furthermore, we aimed to obtain a light weight as one of the functions in addition to the seating comfort of the chair.

The seat of a Windsor chair inevitably becomes heavy since use of shaved solid wood for the seat is one of its features. We achieved weight saving by adopting the structure of a cloth-covered seat and also any warping of solid wood due to dehydration can be prevented as well. The adequate cushioning property also contributes to a comfortable seating experience.

We put importance on preserving the warmth and nostalgic appearance of a Windsor chair while carefully finishing each part. It is an attractive chair for a living space and also at restaurants where many chairs are laid out since the argyle pattern creates a rhythmical atmosphere in the room.

The unwavering approach of Drill Design toward manufacturing continues to create new and charming products while following the design pattern handed down for generations. Expression of multiple elements such as the structure, seating comfort and spatial property will continue to be pursued in a simple yet thoughtful manner through the products.