Midori Mitsui

It is the enjoyment of daily life and perhaps it is also the time when people get to relax the most. People get together and sit down at the table. According to Mitsui, she loves watching people getting together and talking and laughing from a small distance.

We only need a table and chairs so that people can enjoy eating delicious food together. A chair works to support your body comfortably while a table compliments the food on the plate. There should be a fine balance between the heights of the table and chairs. Everybody enjoys eating and having a fun conversation without thinking about the furniture. After they leave the table, the furniture left behind starts displaying its presence that is just enough to fill the silence.

Mitsui’s design work starts from visualizing the scenes in which people are having a good time. She says it is one of the things she always tries to remember when designing.

furniture design by Midori Mitsui