Hugo and Ivan were designed 15 years ago and have been produced since then. They are general stools that you see everywhere. Hugo is a stool for one person and Ivan is a bench for two persons. They are compact, simple and functional items that can be used for various purposes such as a chair and footrest in the dining area, living space, bathroom, walk-in closet, bed side, entrance and other areas.

There are hidden products in our lives that are highly functional and convenient that can be moved and used in various locations. To have more comfortable lives, we need to discover such products that satisfy our necessities. These are products that increase the level of space density, convenience and interior decoration of our living space. The characteristics of Hugo and Ivan are the shihoukorobi design (legs slanting inward in four directions) and the cross stitches of the thick seat. These are two products that are highly versatile which can be used in various areas of our lives.

Many tables, chairs, sofas and beds are produced every year by the manufacturers all over the world since these pieces of furniture are indispensable in our living space. Our design concept is to create products that will continue to be useful and indispensable as long as possible, and provide quality and durability in design. This is the fundamental principle in manufacturing our products. We have many opportunities to learn about design and technique from products created in the past. However, we often do not examine the kind of products that are truly necessary in our actual environment and life style.

Chairs have their own typology in which designers usually build their design ideas within that concept. In most cases the focus of the design is placed somewhere far away from the presence of users. Most manufacturers and the media determine products and items just based on the design factors and the positional value of the manufacturer. Amid such an environment, we view our manufacturing work as a valuable activity by presenting our concept through our products.