Time & Style creates design on the basis of Japanese history, lifestyle, and unique aesthetics embracing a sense of beauty of life, as well as interior design developed from a unique point of view. Without simply focusing on the design of products, we have worked to address new design definitions from a standpoint of architectural beauty unique to Japan while cherishing the contexts established by the interaction of linkage between products.

We have recognized the vital importance of the connection among traditional crafts and traditional architectures in the past and history grounded on our historical views, as well as the values of the inheritance and development for the future.

To this end, we strive to realize a new manufacturing style originating from global values, without solely focusing on a Japanese viewpoint, with the help of Japanese designers and architects, as well as various designers from Europe, the United States, and Asian countries.

Without limiting to designing of furniture and tools, it is our mission to design the environment surrounding products under the same definition as for products, and to create culture of life in the world using our unique ways and theory of manufacturing whist continuing to make changes and evolve.