The GC chair was designed by the architect Kengo Kuma for the project from his lab. The spatial structure and basic design of this lab’s architecture are based on chidori-goshi, a Japanese traditional wooden grid structure. Chidori-goshi is a very complicated traditional jointing and is a continuation of joints that combine rectangular timber materials at the intersection of three directions using a technique of wood jointing. The lab’s space is sterically surrounded with grids.

This simple chair is completed by woodworking with the seat made with wood and the backrest created only with one crest rail. Although the composition is extremely simple, we were required to give it a function of stacking.
Simple composition is difficult. A simple design is difficult.
GC chairs standing in the chidori-goshi space fit very well into the space due to the good harmony of their wood texture. They also look beautiful when stacked.

Designer: Kengo Kuma