Nami armchair (NEW)

Molded plywood is created by thinly sliced and layered wood and shaping into molds while applying heat. This molded plywood technology excels in realizing complex curved structures while maintaining the characteristics of wood. It evolved and became widespread during the period of rapid economic growth.

The molded plywood furniture was widely used not only in homes, but also in public facilities such as schools, theater halls, and stadiums. This technology contributed to the development of woodworking design, and many molded plywood products have been manufactured in Europe and Japan.

The Nami armchair was created with the aim of re-evaluating this molded plywood as a material and exploring new possibilities in texture and expression, aiming to create an ambitious product with new design possibilities.

The leg frame connecting from the arm, which is steel cantilever type from Bauhaus, has the strength and flexibility of molded plywood, which cannot be achieved with solid wood. The frame gives soft touch as if it were made of solid wood, by cutting the plywood frame into an oval shape.

The shell supported by the leg frame consists of independent components with organic lines, connected minimally to form a single shape. This arrangement visually expresses the force of each component and the overall flow, creating a richly expressive space.

Materials and finishes