William side chair

This chair was born of an attempt to create a dining chair that offers a soft, roomy sofa-like sensation of seating comfort. The springy seat surface features a cross-stitched quilted pattern that makes the seat appear to be divided into four parts. For the backrests of our wood-frame chairs, we often use solid natural wood, but for this chair we employed soft, springy urethane covered in a quilted fabric, and held between the vertical stiles and the horizontal top rail and mid rail. The use of upholstery for both the seat and backrest makes the sitting experience sofa-like. To enhance firmness of the back support, the stiles widen outwards as they extend upward from the rear legs. This extra backrest area enables more spacious and relaxed support.

Furthermore, to establish a visual unity to the wood frame and upholstery, a chamfering process was applied to the joins between the stiles and the rear legs.

The distinctive arms made of round-sectioned solid wood connect the front legs to the stiles. These round pieces, which curve downwards to the front of the chair in a gentle circular arc, attach to the front legs. Solving the problem of how to connect the square-sectioned front legs to the round-sectioned arms smoothly and naturally required repeated experimentation to arrive at the ideal shape. The arms are also connected to the stiles and mid rail.

Giving a natural sense of completeness to the connections between lines and surfaces was important for enhancing the visual integrity of the product, and also to create a sense of gracefulness. Just as an entertaining story requires a well-structured narrative, in the creation of this product we strived for a sense of completeness that reflects an organic fusion of design and technique. Though the spirt of this particular chair is somewhat different to that of most other products in our lineup, this work is uniquely instilled with a combination of European classicism and Japanese tradition.