Twisted back – chair (NEW)

The book The Hidden Life of Trees by German forester Peter Wohlleben describes how hardwoods in the forest talk, communicate and live like human beings. 

Trees spread their branches to form canopies but do so without preventing the growth of neighboring trees. Their roots grow deep into the earth and sometimes connect to and share nutrients with neighboring trees that lack sunlight exposure.

The front legs, seat frame, and rear legs of the Twisted back chair have the same forms as those of the Straight back, but with the back pillars twisting from the middle section, rising as if to encircle the back. 

From the rear legs with their elliptical cross-section, the back pillars trace a gentle curve while twisting inward, like a tree in nature twisting as it stretches its branches. 

This yielding a gentle feel for the backrest and visually enables an expression of beauty like a sculpture carved from a single woodblock.