Leon seamless half arm chair

With shorter arms than the Leon Seamless Arm Chair, the Leon Seamless Half Arm Chair was designed to showcase dynamism. The shorter arms make the seating surface visible from the sides and reduce the overall volume of the chair, creating a more stylish appearance with movement.

In terms of function, the shorter arms lower stress while standing up from the chair and sitting down on the chair, ensuring smooth seating comfort when the chair is placed by a table.

The round surface at the back offers better texture and dignity than other armchairs. Without making it overly tranquil and light, the appearance enhances the sophisticated yet refreshing, youthful expression.

The addition of greater roundness in the seat frame connecting the rear legs rounds out the overall shape of the back support. The back also enhances its functionality as a lounge chair and makes it look more comfortable to sit down despite the flat, steel rear legs, and back support.