Yurina Kira

Yurina Kira
Product : Scheggia di roccia


Although we are surrounded by an overflow of material things fulfilling the conditions of faster speed and more convenience, how many of these things can actually give a sense of beauty and happiness?

In Japan, for the past few years, vintage products and thoughts from the old days have been well covered by the media, causing a retro boom, even though it has been going on for a long time to simply call it a boom. But, is it really being retrospective? Each of the things that used to surround people in the past is truly beautiful, although they are not created to express its beauty. While each of the tools for work and house chores holds artistic beauty, the tastes varying across the ages seem as if they are well calculated to express its beauty. Behind these things, there is a beauty and pride of nameless artisans lying quietly but strongly.

The reason why we are attracted to old things is because we seek out for beauty and tastes that are slowly vanished from our lives in an unselfconscious way. The origin of such a retro boom seems to have the minds of the Japanese instinctively calling for the beauty from within that is not a specious appearance.

The art advocates the antithesis in society swaying toward the economic supremacism and brings our unduly minds to a halt. Artists creating a piece of work in isolation and anxiety work relentlessly to hold cruel reality against us by showing opposite poles at times, indicating the importance of keeping a mental balance in a gentle way.

Today, as we live in the society of mass production and mass consumption, which is overblown beyond the point of no return, the beauty of art and handiwork should become more important than ever before. It changes the person’s life if the person coexists with things to satisfy the beauty our instincts are longing for and those that enrich our minds.

The origin of the Scheggia di roccia series is the wall art that was produced while Kira was active in Italy. While exhibiting avant-garde atmosphere, it gives some type of silence and humility, thanks to the design inspired by the shaping of nature based on rocky hills. By making products from a piece of artwork, her work became available not only to art lovers and some collectors but also the general public. Kira wants to make something that is beyond categories, without limitation to artworks or products. She also has been working on making brooches in the past several years, generating unique existence beyond comparison, which cannot be categorized into accessories. Kira is full of vitality, and she continues to produce artworks with an abundance of energy as she struggles to look for an answer.

There is nothing in the world like the happiness of living together with those created with passionate devotion.

Scheggia di roccia series has a presence that lets you think there should be more beautiful things that exist solely for happiness in the world, which is on a different level from the discussion about whether or not they are workable.