Dance Dance

The simple chairs have thin stainless steel frames and shells. In order to express dancing-like lightness, the frames and shells have dynamic designs and a sense of unity. Furthermore, they were delicately designed with a graceful composition amid a sense of tension, in order to provide a dignified Japanese appearance. Dance Dance was designed with characteristic arms made of stainless steel rods, extending from the back posts. The molded plywood shell was made focusing on comfort for the user’s back. The backrest was angled as far as the backboard could be bent.

One continuous board was molded to form the backboard and the seat. A combination of the shape of the shell with a tense atmosphere and the stainless steel rods provide a character to the simple chair. The stainless steel rods with minimum thickness connect the front and back legs. Strength is ensured by using a united stainless steel frame structure.

The stainless steel frame shape was designed to allow efficient stacking of the chairs. Uses in various places are intended, such as in dining spaces (e.g., cafes) with an airy atmosphere, in addition to offices and meeting rooms. There are shells with wood veneers to utilize the expression of wood, as well as with fabric/leather to provide a softer expression. An armless type and arm chair type are available.

Dance Dance Dance is a four legged chair made with steel pipes. While using the same shell as Dance and Dance Dance, it has a lighter weight and lower cost. The design is highly versatile, usable in a wide range of locations including offices and restaurants. The shell of this stacking chair can be chosen from two types: wood veneers or fabric/leather.