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The brick-made building facing Marnixstraat is Politiebureau Raampoort, designed by architect Willem Springer and built in 1888. This police station originated in an area around the Jordaan district and was moved in 2015, after more than 120 years of operation.

This historic building was designated as a protected historic building of the Netherlands in 2001. The building with a clock tower – a mixture of the neoclassical and medieval styles – is a symbol of Marnixstraat.

The beautifully renovated interior of the building has about 900m2 area, consisting of four aboveground levels and one underground level. We mainly exhibit our unique products, including Japanese hand made furniture, lights, tableware, towels, as well as daily commodities, bonsai, and contemporary arts. We basically provide Japanese-style services by our staff, just like in shops in Japan. Through conversations with each customer, we carefully explain the characteristics and functionality of the products, background of manufacturing, and maintenance services.

We provide products for any kind of interior projects (including for general houses, hotels, restaurants, and shops), and propose comprehensive space designs. We comprehensively express Japanese aesthetics of today and realistic lifestyles rooted in tradition, by exhibiting Japanese designs, traditional crafts, and contemporary arts throughout the year.

Time & Style Amsterdam 6th anniversary commemorative events

an exhibition of wooden sculptures
Hideo Sawada

16 March – 16 April 2023

Time & Style Amsterdam is pleased to present a solo exhibition of wooden sculptures by Japanese sculptor Hideo Sawada.

The motifs of his works, including human figures and Buddhist statues, are simple in form with no facial features. They embody the subtractive thinking that governs the Japanese sense of beauty, which he achieved only because he studied sculpture in Japan and Germany, East and West. We feel that his method of carving away the unnecessary, allowing the essence to emerge and leaving blank spaces to the interpretation of the viewer has some overlap with the way we at Time & Style create our products. It is the opposite of the classical Western sculpture, which has pursued perfection. We are pleased to introduce Hideo Sawada’s works together with Time & Style’s interior products, presented in a space filled with historic Western architecture in Amsterdam.


Hideo Sawada

1955 Born in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

1985 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Sculpture.

1987 Completed Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts, and went to Germany as a German Government Scholarship student.

1989 Completed Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, became a Meisterschüler, and returned to Japan.


instagram @sawadahideo

Jazz live at Time & Style
Jesse van Ruller trio

19 March 2023
Performance:16:00 – 17:30
Free entrance

Since the beginning of Time & Style, we have invited many excellent jazz musicians to perform in our interiors to create a unique atmosphere of comfort and culture.

These great artists perform in the showroom space, where there is no separation between the players and the audience, unlike live houses and halls. 
The audience comfortably accommodated in sofas and chairs can enjoy the live music as if they were in their home.

We want our showroom space to be a space for interior design expression and a comfortable place where cultural experiences will bring a rich flavour to our lifestyles.

To commemorate Time & Style Amsterdam’s six anniversary, we proudly present the excellent jazz trio led by Jesse van Ruller, a guitarist praised as one of the most expressive contemporary artists.

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