Daisuke Kitagawa

“Work by hand, then efface all traces.”

This phrase, we think, captures a concept at the heart of all Mr. Kitagawa’s products.

From appliances that fit in hand to furniture that forms a space, all his products share the quality of dignified design polished to its utmost. At first, his work has an industrial feel seemingly bereft of human touch. He produces hypotheses from careful research, chooses the most suitable materials and structure, clearly grasps the client’s request, and generates a new approach.

However, unravel the origins and processes behind each product and a different story will emerge. There, clear for all to see, is Mr. Kitagawa’s passion for design alongside the technical skill and ingenuity of countless hands that bring physical form to his designs.

furniture design by Daisuke Kitagawa

low table / side table