Leo seamless armchair

The upholstered Leo seamless arm chair has been redesigned several times over the last fifteen years and more. 15 years ago, the design was characterized by a gently curved line running from the front part of the arms to the front legs with a rectilinear impression across the board. From there, the Leo seamless arm chair was redesigned three times to come close to its final form. A myriad of upholstered armchairs have the same shape.

Even so, the cumulative delicate details and the overall balance create a difference in design and presence precisely because the chair embraces basic design in a typical format. We adorned the Leo seamless arm chair with several new details. What we valued the most was to connect the surfaces of the chair as a whole as much as possible. Even the constituent element is made up of several aspects for armchairs where four legs support the shell of the seating surface. The connection and sense of unity in the armchair are generated by the details that are employed to naturally connect this basic concept with organic details.

In common with the seamless human body, we connect the seams with the organic linkage of surfaces as much as possible. For the Leo seamless arm chair, the stitch line from the joint part to the wooden part of the arms gradually runs toward the center from the outside, so that the stitch line comes to the top center of the arm. The front of the arms and back are connected by one curved stitch line. The chair consists of three surfaces: the inside and outside surfaces, as well as the seating surface. The addition of fullness in this thin design delivers a condensed sense of tension and softness.

To connect the main shell and legs, each leg is connected horizontally, and the sense of natural unity from the design of the four legs supporting the entire shell was absolutely imperative. One of the challenges in designing this armchair was that the level of finished quality varies depending on the sense of unity for the shell and legs. We added a process to create a delicate round form even to the details of the legs and crosspieces. We believe that paying special attention to even the less visible parts allows us to create a well-balanced chair from any angle. With an emphasis on functionality, the dining chair is designed to be lightweight. Our goal was softness and a fabric design that would embrace the sense of tension and dignity as an upholstered armchair. Well-balanced decorum and details are connected by one stitch line as a single answer.