Sakura Sakura – armchair

This chair is the grand sum of the theme of “lattice chair”, by revising the elements of previous chairs with lattices. We pursued the comprehensive details of overall balance, and a proper density of components, through adjustment of the individual shapes of the parts and their composition without changing the outline of the chair. The backrest lattices are not made of square bars or round bars. Continuous square lattices made with the square bars form a hard expression, resulting in a strange impression in the overall chair.

Round bars do not fit in with the Japanese expression of lattices. Therefore, the four corners of basically square bars were slightly chamfered, creating a soft expression while keeping a square silhouette. The bars fit in with the details of the entire chair and form a sense of unity. The best-looking lattice intervals were carefully determined by examining the appearance from every angle, since the interval significantly affects the entire impression of the chair.

The chair has half arms, which are shorter than the front legs. The short arms extending frontward from the back posts are designed so that the chair can easily fit under aprons of dining tables and fit the depths of restaurant counters. Many armchairs require moving them far back to sit or get up from them, and the half arms make moving the chair more easily for people.
Other finish variations include soap finishing and beeswax finishing that highlight the expression of the plain wood, as well as urethane finishing.