When a chair is designed, usually the side of the front legs is considered as the front of the chair. Most pictures of chairs that appear in books are taken from the front or diagonally in front, which is an image most people have of a chair. Although chairs by Mackintosh have a distinctive backrest, most pictures of them are taken from the front. A chair is a piece of furniture that has a special presence. Many product designers and architects have a desire to create a chair.

That probably is because although a chair is a small item, the ideas of designers and architects can be expressed by a piece of furniture that is small in size but requires high functionality and strength. A chair is not limited to be treated just as furniture but can be considered as a medium to express ideas for designers and architects.

The key image we had when designing this high stool named Valle was the scenery of the location where this stool would be used. Requirements to function as a chair must be satisfied. In addition to that, we examined if this chair could exist at locations where high stools are used. Since the seat surface and backrest are set at high positions with high stools used often at counters of bars and coffee shops, the seat significantly affects the atmosphere of the space. Furthermore, only the upper area of the rear side is visible when a chair is being used. Thus, the appearance of the view from behind the high stool is the key element that determines the image of the chair and the surrounding space.

Not so many high stools have a soft and elegant appearance since high strength and durability are required when designing them. Therefore, we designed a high stool that has a dignified and elegant appearance from behind using soft materials. We adopted a natural shape by forming the shallowly curved backrest and comfortable seat in a single piece, connecting the line from the back down to the rear legs, and making long legs to settle toward the floor. The backrest and seat are covered in fabric and the wedge that joins them adds a tense atmosphere.

Crosspieces are provided on four sides to obtain a stable leg structure. Their width and positions were decided to focus on the stability of the chair. The front crosspiece is positioned at a height comfortable to be used as a footrest. This Valle was created imagining a high stool that has a beautiful appearance from behind at a bar counter.