Time & Style is pledged to offer quality products, which can be used for many decades to come after purchase.

All furniture requires maintenance in order to use for a long time.

Time & Style provides consultation and services including furniture repair, repainting, and reupholstering. We offer the same services not only for our products but also the products of other manufacturers.

We are happy to respond to various types of maintenance requests and consultation so that our customers can enjoy the significant taste generated from a long time use and affection.


Sofas and chairs come in direct contact with the body on a frequent basis, making it easy to become tainted requiring special care. For that reason, many people replace the old one with a new sofa or chair, even though it is in a good shape. TIME & STYLE offers reupholstery services, regardless of manufacturers, to bring life back to your sofa or chair.

By renewing fabrics and urethane, your sofa and chair are given with a brand new look at an affordable price. How about selecting your favorite fabrics and making changes to your spaces dramatically.


The paint of the most of wooden furniture starts to peel off over time, which is one of the major problems for many people. The causes are the deterioration of paint film across the ages, as well as friction and damages caused in daily life.

If the used materials are still in good shape, it saves you trouble by repainting the furniture. It also takes away small scratches and dents, and works like wonders, so most of those who almost gave up are delighted and surprised at the same time.


From scratches caused during cleaning or carelessness, to dents caused by children or pets, to paint alligatoring due to dried air, you will start seeing parts that need to be repaired over time.

We recommend getting a furniture repair if you wish to make your furniture look beautiful again by repairing partially.

Most of the repair work is done at your home on the same day, providing less of a burden on our customers without disrupting the lifestyle.

Exchange / adjust

The hinges and rails (hardware) used for doors and drawers get misaligned at times.

Some of the causes are the frequency of use, how it is used, and loose screws.

As there are many of those equipped with adjust functions, some of them can be easily adjusted without professional help, while any broken parts should be replaced.