The chair Wang was named after our Chinese partner out of our respect for him. Among our collection, this beautiful chair was made with an accumulation of fine details. Many Chinese Ming Dynasty style chairs have widely rounded backrests, but the design with a tall backrest like Wang is also representative. The back posts extend from the back legs, and gently and gradually curve until they are connected at the tip.

The connection method also followed the Ming Dynasty style. The solid wood backboard at the center of the backrest was formed by following the curve of the back posts, in order to synchronize the curves. It was challenging to connect the minimum-width round bars of the back legs and the tall back posts to the seat frame, while maintaining strength. Another characteristic of this chair is the fine expression created by a detail with an inwardly angled cut end of the seat frame.

Among the products based on the Ming Dynasty style, Wang has the closest design to the original style. We believe that we could understand a little about the characteristics of the Ming Dynasty style and its complicated structure, by following its universal design. Furthermore, our process of designing a Ming Dynasty style chair brought us an essence of Chinese culture.