Sheep chair (NEW)

Designed by Peter Zumthor

In the small village of Leis, Switzerland, there stand three-holiday houses designed by Peter Zumthor. Although they are built with the traditional Swiss timber construction method, Zumthor’s design gives them a sophisticated twist. The leather chairs placed in the dining rooms have a generous and unique side view. The back of the chair bulges out to fit the human body, providing soft and comfortable seating.

Today, the production process of furniture is highly mechanized, and it is rarely hand-sewn. While it is common to upholster with a cover with zipper, especially for complex-shaped furniture, this particular upholstery is sewn by hand. The stitches, carefully done by artisans using needles and threads, are shown on the outside as an essential design element, showcasing the production process. The underside of the seat is also upholstered by hammering brass nails into the same leather, one by one.

The chair is of a simple configuration, with leather-upholstered seating and legs carved out from solid wood. However, it is the handcrafted process that gives the chair a remarkable impression. For the upholstery, soft tanned leather with a natural texture was selected. Over time, the leather colour would darken, naturally changing its look.

Materials and finishes

Wood and Leather