The brand

Time and Style is a furniture brand of Prestige Japan Inc.

We design and produce furniture, lighting, tableware, towels, and other tools of daily life. Based on the design concept of evolving traditional Japanese techniques for modern life, we pursue manufacturing products that can be used for a long time and that respect the touch of the materials they are made of.


• Time & Style Atmosphere – Tokyo
• Time & Style Midtown – Tokyo
• Time & Style Residence – Tokyo
• Time & Style Isetan – Tokyo
• Time & Style Osaka – Osaka
• ComfortQ / Time & Style – Osaka

The Netherlands
• Time & Style Amsterdam – Amsterdam

• Time & Style – Milan


Time & Style Factory, surrounded by the beautiful forests of Asahikawa, on the northmost island of Hokkaido, carries out all furniture manufacturing processes from log purchasing to lumbering, drying, woodcutting, wood assembly, polishing, and finishing.

The use of machinery is kept to a minimum, and products are manufactured by hand by craftsmen as much as possible, taking time to finish without compromise.


Our history timeline


Opened TIME & STYLE MILAN in Milan, Italy

Located in the district of Brera, in the heart of Milan, Time & Style showroom occupies the entire ground floor of a neoclassic building constructed in the 1800s.

Time & Style Milan will be a base for our international business and a hub for architects, designers, interior designers, furniture makers and private customers.

Time & Style in Milan showroom page

Held the exhibition, “Peter Zumthor collection” at TIME & STYLE MILAN and TIME & STYLE ATMOSPHERE

Held during Milan Design Week at Time & Style in Milan, the exhibition is a collection of furniture that Peter Zumthor designed for his architectural projects, reconstructed and produced in Japan by Time & Style using Japanese manufacturing techniques and materials.
The exhibition is the world’s first Peter Zumthor furniture collection.

Time & Style ēdition 2022 release

Boffi | DePadova released the new Time & Style ēdition 2022 during the Milan Design Week.

The new collection developed in collaboration with Boffi | DePadova brings together 24 pieces of furniture, including chairs, dining tables, low tables, armchairs, bookcases and cabinets, and lamps.

• Exhibition at the MONO JAPAN in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Opened TIME & STYLE OSAKA in Minami-senba, Osaka, Japan

In December of 2021, Time & Style opened a new showroom, Time & Style Osaka.
It was the first of its kind in Osaka and the Kansai region.

Time & Style ēdition at Milano Design Week 2021 

Time & Style ēdition, the furniture collection result of the partnership between Time & Style and Boffi | DePadova, was presented during the Milano Design Week at the impressive showrooms ē DePadova Santa Cecilia and Boffi Solferino.

Launch the furniture collection, A chair of the tree, a tree of the forest 

Time & Style released its most extensive furniture collection, A chair of the tree, a tree of the forest

A collection of 27 chairs, nine lounge chairs, eight dining tables, six low tables, four cabinets, four shelves, and eight sofas. All of them with a significant number of variations in sizes and materials.

Opened TIME & STYLE SHANGHAI in Shanghai, China


The capsule collection Boffi | DePadova Time & Style ēdition is released in
Milan, London, Paris and New York.

The Time & Style ēdition of furniture for Boffi | De Padova communicates the discreet elegance of traditional Japanese wood craftsmanship through a contemporary lens that emphasizes the timeless quality of each design. The capsule collection, ranging from low tables and chairs in solid wood to light fixtures with shades made from traditional Japanese washi paper, offers an eclectic assortment of contemporary Japanese furniture that pairs harmoniously with the sophisticated living systems from Boffi | De Padova.

Entered into partnership agreement with the Italian Brand Boffi | DePadova

Italian interior brand Boffi | DePadova and the Japanese interior brand Time & Style became partners to create the new Boffi | DePadova brand Time & Style ēdition, the first partnership between one of the world’s most recognizable Italian interior brands and a Japanese interior brand to distribute Japanese products around the world.

Open Time & Style Atmosphere in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

Time & Style Atmosphere consists of 4 floors (including one below ground) and offers a view of the lush garden of the Nezu Museum. It is a space to disseminate Time & Style philosophy and culture from such diverse spaces, whether galleries, shops, or at times salons, and grow these into places where people can gather and create communication. Time & Style Atmosphere plans to hold exhibitions on themes throughout the year, including products, design, and handicrafts.

Time & Style Atmosphere in Minami Aoyama

• Exhibitor at Stockholm Furniture Fair in Stockholm, Sweden


Held the exhibition, KENGO KUMA “Furniture that blended into the surroundings” at TIME & STYLE AMSTERDAM

• Entered into design license agreement with Claesson Koivisto Rune

• Exhibitor at Stockholm Furniture Fair in Stockholm, Sweden

During the visit of  Mr. Roberto Gavazzi, CEO of Boffi | DePadova, to the Time & Style exhibition in the Stockholm Furniture Fair, he realized the potential of Time & Style’s Japanese cultural background and craftsmanship combine with Italian products to create a fresh and sophisticated living space.

• Exhibitor at the MONO JAPAN in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


• Held the exhibition, Claesson Koivisto Rune “House Art View” at TIME & STYLE MIDTOWN


Opened TIME & STYLE in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Time & Style Amsterdam showroom occupies the entire five floors of this historic brick-made building designed by architect Willem Springer and built in 1888. The mixture of the neoclassical and medieval styles – is a symbol of Marnixstraat was designated as a protected historical building of the Netherlands in 2001.

At Time & Style Amsterdam, we mainly exhibit our unique products, including Japanese handmade furniture, lights, tableware, towels, and daily commodities, bonsai, and contemporary arts.

Time & Style Amsterdam. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

• Held the exhibition, “Kengo Kuma × TIME & STYLE NEW PRODUCTS” at Time & Style Midtown, Roppongi

• Exhibitor at the MONO JAPAN in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


• Exhibitor at the MONO JAPAN in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


• Opened HOUSE STORAGE TIME & STYLE in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

• Opened TIME & STYLE SHANGHAI at the JSWB, Shanghai, China


• Held the exhibition, “KENGO KUMA × TIME & STYLE” exhibition in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo

• Entered into design license agreement with DRILL DESIGN


Entered into design license agreement with Kengo Kuma

The architect Kengo Kuma, one of the most influential contemporary architects, was assigned to redesign the Nezu Museum in Minami Aoyama in Tokyo. The museum is located next to Time & Style Atmosphere showroom.

Knowing that Kuma would redesign the neighboring museum, we immediately contacted his office and the museum to express our desire to make furniture for them.

The NC chair is the result of those conversations.

Time & Style’s relationship with Kengo Kuma has deepened over time, and we have been manufacturing furniture for many of his architectural projects.

NC chair design by Kengo Kuma



• Opened TIME & STYLE ISETAN SHINJUKU in Shinjuku, Tokyo

• Exhibitor at the Ambiente “Japan Style” in Frankfurt, Germany – every single year since 2009.


Established own factory, TIME & STYLE FACTORY, in Higashikawa-cho, Hokkaido, Japan

In our factory we carry out all processes from log purchasing to lumbering, drying, wood cutting, wood assembly, polishing, and finishing.

The use of machinery is kept to a minimum, and products are manufactured by hand by craftsmen as much as possible, taking time to finish without compromise.

Held the exhibition “TIME & STYLE” at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, France


Opened TIME & STYLE MIDTOWN in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan


Time & Style Midtown is one of the biggest shops in the mixed-use development “Tokyo Midtown.” A landmark building in the sophisticated district of Roppongi, a place of several foreigners embassies, significant facilities, and businesses are accumulated around Tokyo Midtown.

The building includes The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo hotel, sophisticated brands stores, fine restaurants, cultural facilities, arts, and design museums, and offices.


• Opened TIME & STYLE EXISTENCE in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

• Relocated TIME & STYLE WESTEND to Daimyo, Fukuoka, Japan

• Entered into design license agreement with Jean-Marie Massaud
• Held the exhibition, “Human Nature” Jean-Marie Massaud in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo

• Exhibitor at the Salone International del Mobile in Milan, Italy
• Exhibitor at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York


• Exhibitor at the Salon du Meuble de Paris in Paris, France


Opened TIME & STYLE RESIDENCE in Futakotamagawa, Tokyo , Japan

Located in the famous Takashimaya Department store in the shopping area of Futako Tamagawa district in Tokyo, the bright atmosphere of Time & Style Residence accumulates products made with Japanese traditional techniques and materials, having a calm atmosphere within a modern taste.


• Entered into design license agreement with Patrick Chia


• Opened TIME & STYLE WESTEND in Tenjin, Hukuoka, Japan


• Opened TIME & STYLE GALLERIA in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan


• Exhibitor at the Salone International del Mobile in Italy


• Opened TIME & STYLE HOME in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

• Entered into design license agreement with H Design Associates

• Became an exclusive agent in Japan of Campeggi Srl, based in Italy


• Changed corporate name to PRESTIGE JAPAN Inc. Relocated head office to Minamiaoyama, Tokyo, Japan


• Relocated to Ginza, Tokyo. Open a Carton Furniture showroom


• Established PRESTIGE JAPAN Ltd. in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan

• Launched license production of Carton Furniture, Stange Design OHG, based in Germany


• Established PRESTIGE JAPAN in Berlin, Germany (Ringbahn Strasse 42.1000 Berlin 42)

The company

Corporate name
Prestige Japan Inc.

Head office address
5-6-10  5610 Building 2F, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Phone: +81-3-5464-3208 Fax: +81-3-5464-3206

Establishment date in Japan
11th August 1992

President: Ryutaro Yoshida
Senior managing director: Yasushi Yoshida

Number of employees
109(as of August 2022)

Contents of business
• Management of interior showrooms, TIME & STYLE

• Planning, development, and sales of furniture, home accessories, tableware, upholstery, and textile using an original design

• Design and production of made-to-order furniture, semi-custom furniture, wall surface fixtures, and utensil furniture

• Interior planning, design, and designing control operations

• Exterior planning, design, and design control operations

• Production and coordination of various facilities, including residences, commercial facilities, stores, hotels, clinics, and showrooms

• Wholesales, sales, and coordination of ornamental plants

• Planning and operation of a gallery, T & S Gallery

• Sales agent for overseas manufacturers