Antonio Carlos Jobim is a famous Brazilian musician best known for bossa nova music, which is a fusion of jazz and Brazilian samba. Bossa nova’s gentle, bright rhythms enrich the listeners’ heart, and its unique melodies enchant audiences worldwide as background music to everyday life.

The chair is one in a trilogy, which comes in three different designs — each design inherits its name from a great musician, Antonio, Carlos, and Jobim. First designed 16 years ago, though there were slight changes, no major design changes were made in this series. In the pursuit of the simplest design for a chair, we have continued production for the last 16 years in the original form that we designed. We had pure goals in designing this chair.

Considering the original form, we pursued a simple design and efficient production with fewer materials. The chair must possess never-fading appeal with a simple, bright structure and the strength to withstand long-term use. Manufacturing is done in a special factory from high level technological skills in Tokushima Prefecture. Carlos is the chair in the center of this trilogy. While striking a good balance, the rail added to the frame connects the back column for support.

The chair gives added support to the back while the person is seated and adds strength to the back of the chair. With Carlos as the origin, Antonio and Jobim were added as derived designs. Antonio has the simplest structure with a single frame connected to the back column and the seating surface, rear legs, and front legs. Jobim has a single vertical column besides the back rail and has a design that is reminiscent of a cross and Time & Style’s logo, “t”. Our hope is to make this trilogy like a musical piece that blends naturally into daily life just like the music played by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Antonio, Carlos, Jobim