Jean-Marie Massaud

Born in Toulouse, France in 1966, Jean Marie Massaud was a child fascinated by science, who dreamt of becoming an inventor. He graduated from ENSCI in Paris in 1990. During his academic years, he found it was the beauty of first intuition that amazed him in the process of invention. He then started to collaborate with Marc Berthier, who had a great influence on him.
Jean-Marie Massaud
While working on urbanism issues with Marc, who made him realize that if he has a past, he must have a future as well, Jean-Marie Massaud discovered the intimate link between design and architecture, relating to similar implications in the creation of our environment and of our life experience.

Jean-Marie Masseau’s ideal world is empathy for all living things and harmony between nature and culture.
His work is sustained by a quest for the senses, magical powers, and a sense of being alive.

In work that leads to tomorrow, there is a challenge and a process of thinking about the future.

furniture design by Jean-Marie Massaud

chair / lounge chair