Serpentine stool

Serpentine Gallery, London.

Design by Peter Zumthor

Each year at the Serpentine Gallery in London, a world-renowned architect is invited to install a pavilion during the summer. Peter Zumthor was commissioned to design a pavilion in 2011 and then he also designed the tables and the stools.

The product is not overly decorated, and the production process is an integral part of the design. For example, the edges of the tabletop are bent one by one with spininng technique. It not only ensures safety but also allows the metal table to give a softer impression. The three thin legs are bound together with wire. Thus the table has a simple and clean structure while maintaining its strength.

With a hot-dip galvanized finish, the collection can be used outdoors. It can also be folded up for storage. A vibrating stainless steel finish has also been added as a variant to match the calm indoor atmosphere. The compact combination of the table and stool utilizes the limited space to the max.

Garden stools PZI-001. Garden table PZT-001