My Funny Valentine

Jazz is playing softly in a tranquil bar with bottles of amber-colored bourbon gently lit by ambient lighting behind the counter…My Funny Valentine is bar stool with a simple presence that fits surprisingly well into such an adult-orientated atmosphere.

The stool’s frame materials are cut from solid wood without the addition of any decorative elements, keeping the design as simple as possible. The design of My Funny Valentine is perfectly balanced to present the image of a dining chair carved from a solid piece of wood seamlessly incorporated into the design of a high stool. As the stool has a relatively high seating position and long legs, it is necessary to reinforce the lower parts of the legs so that they can bear the load from this higher seating position.

Although it is very difficult in such a case to maintain the overall balance of the elements and create a durable high stool when using only wooden materials, these issues have been resolved by adjusting the placement and positioning of the individual components. The long legs rise straight upward and are connected with the seat rail, and are then further extended to become stiles that are bonded to the backrest.

Durability is assured by securing a wide joint area between the stiles and the back. Stretchers are placed between the long front and back legs, firmly bonded via a seat rail, based on the concept of a building structure that provides additional durability. Stretchers are placed on all sides of the stool, with the front stretcher — which also serves as a footrest — designed to resist the greater wear it will receive than the other stretchers.

As the user steps on this front stretcher to shift weight before sitting on the stool and when moving away from the stool, it is necessary to maintain a balance between the stretcher and legs to assure the overall durability of the stool. In addition, as people at a bar counter frequently lean back to relax, the back legs, stiles, and back of the stool likewise are firmly connected with each other to offer lasting durability.