Offset, like Village, is modeled after the Windsor chair. The group of three, namely Designer Taiji Fujimori, Inoda+Sveje, and Drill Design, have regularly presented works together as “Windsor Department”, in activities under the theme of the Windsor chair since 2011. The concept and structure of the Windsor chair can be called the “model” chair. With the addition of increased identity and new attempts, this collaboration has become an activity where each of these designers can manifest new discoveries.

This Offset also offers a Thonet bentwood chair structure modeled from the Windsor chair. It features a ring as the seat frame and another ring to anchor the legs. These two same sized rings are bent using a steam forming process are smallest possible diameter for production. Making this minimal ring a difficult process. One ring serves as the seat frame ring and is the top of the four legs. Rattan is used for the seat, and mesh sheet is placed under the rattan, for extra sitting comfort and to support the strength of the rattan.

Another ring is attached at the same place where the ring’s outer shape creates contact points with the four legs, and is firmly anchors so that the ring does not splay. Moreover, the spokes on the back are bonded to the lower ring, but are also connected to the seat frame, and then joined to large arching arms and cap piece which form one piece. By overlapping these two rings of the same diameter, chairs can be stacked together in a completely new way. This new way to stack chairs and Japanese wood bending techniques are well combined, while inheriting the concept of the Windsor chair. By attaching the rattan sheet, it is light-weight and has a sense of nostalgia.

The chair is available in the Windsor type with six back spokes or the Chinese type with three spokes. The concept of the chair is similar to Drill Design, and has a sense of manliness while retaining a certain cuteness.