Time & Style Milan

Located in the district of Brera, in the heart of Milan, Time & Style showroom occupies the entire ground floor of a neoclassic building constructed in the 1800s.

We preserved the original arches, the woody ceiling, and the existing wood floor in the interior construction.

Visitors can access the showroom from three different entrances: Via Eugenio Balzan, Largo Claudio Treves and Via San Marco.

The showroom is organized into four parts: an exhibition area, furniture, tableware created by Japanese artisans, and a gallery.

We will provide furniture, lighting fixtures, and tableware designed for contemporary lifestyles, featuring products using Japanese techniques, carefully selected materials, and delicate handcrafting.

Visitors can experience lifestyle scenes in living rooms and dining rooms featuring interior products, art, and live music. In addition to our original products, we will also exhibit and sell ceramic, bonsais and woodcraft collections by Japanese artists.

Time & Style Milan will be a base for our international business and a hub for architects, designers, interior designers, furniture makers and private customers.

The Tranquil Gallery on the basement floor is a space with walls covered in Japanese Kozo washi paper.

Complementary Interior Planning Service

We provide complimentary interior planning service for both residential and small business spaces. We take pride in our team of skilled interior designers who are dedicated to creating stunning and functional spaces tailored to our client’s unique needs and preferences.

With a focus on attention to detail and a keen sense of style, we collaborate with clients to transform their spaces into personalized havens of beauty and functionality. Whether it’s a cozy home or a small office, we believe that great design has the power to enhance lives and inspire productivity. We invite you to visit our showroom and take advantage of our expert consultation services, where our talented team will guide you through the process of bringing your interior design visions to life.

Time & Style Milan 

Via Eugenio Balzan, 4, Largo Claudio Treves, 2, Via San Marco, 13, 20121 Milan, Italy.

Tel:+39 02 49658 560

Opening hours
Mon – Saturday 10:00-19:00
Sunday closed