Time & Style Milan

Located in the district of Brera, in the heart of Milan, Time & Style showroom occupies the entire ground floor of a neoclassic building constructed in the 1800s.

We preserved the original arches, the woody ceiling, and the existing wood floor in the interior construction.

Visitors can access the showroom from three different entrances: Via Eugenio Balzan, Largo Claudio Treves and Via San Marco.

The showroom is organized into four parts: an exhibition area, furniture, tableware created by Japanese artisans, and a gallery.

We will provide furniture, lighting fixtures, and tableware designed for contemporary lifestyles, featuring products using Japanese techniques, carefully selected materials, and delicate handcrafting.

Visitors can experience lifestyle scenes in living rooms and dining rooms featuring interior products, art, and live music. In addition to our original products, we will also exhibit and sell ceramic, bonsais and woodcraft collections by Japanese artists.

Time & Style Milan will be a base for our international business and a hub for architects, designers, interior designers, furniture makers and private customers.

The Tranquil Gallery on the basement floor is a space with walls covered in Japanese Kozo washi paper.

Aoi Huber Kono

24 November 2022 – 31 January 2023

We are pleased to present an exhibition of works by Aoi Huber at Time & Style Milan showroom, internationally renowned Japanese graphic designer and illustrator.

Raised in Tokyo, Aoi Huber studied at Tokyo University of the Arts and at Konstfack University of the Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. In 1961 she moved to Milan where she collaborated as an illustrator with Max Huber, whom she married in 1962. In 1970 she moved to Sagno in the Canton Ticino, Switzerland. Her works built her own unique world through Japanese sensibilities and encounters with European culture and many distinguished designers such as Bruno Munari, Achille Castiglioni and Mario Botta. Her creations range from paintings, to etchings, textiles, ceramics, toys, and books.

All her works combine delicacy and enjoyment. Her fresh sensibility and the beautiful overlapping of colors born from handwork bring joy to the viewer. She continues to create with tireless passion at her studio in Switzerland.

We will exhibit more than 30 works from her artistic journey at Time & Style Milan showroom. To be retained in memory, a catalogue will be published to celebrate the Aoi Huber-Kono Works exhibition designed by graphic designer Marco Zürcher of CCRZ studio.

Aoi Huber profile

Aoi Huber Kono was born in Tokyo in 1936. Daughter of Takashi Kono, an important icon of Japanese graphic design, Aoi grew up in a creative environment that fostered her interest in graphics and art. After art high school, she graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. In 1960 she attended Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm where she studied Western typography. In 1961 she moved to Milan where she met Max Huber, whom she married in 1962 and with whom she shared an intense creative life until his passing in 1992. In 1970 Aoi and Max relocated to Sagno in Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

Aoi Huber Kono’s work ranges from graphic design, illustration, painting, and design. She designed and created illustrations for Japanese and Italian magazines, children’s books, designs for textiles, scarves, toys and tapestries. With her projects she collaborated with Bruno Munari, Achille Castiglioni, and Mario Botta. In the 1970s, she learned the technique of engraving with Angelo Tenchio and screen printing with Paolo Minoli. In 1976 she held her first solo exhibition in Zurich. In 2005 she founded the Max Museum in Switzerland, which she then donated to the City of Chiasso in 2010. In 2021 the Mendrisio Art Museum presented a solo exhibition of her works. Aoi lives and works in Novazzano in Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

Aoi Huber official website


1976 Galleria Bettina, Zurich, Switzerland.

1980 “Acqueforti Aoi”, Galleria La Colonna, Como, Italy.

1980 Galleria Coray, Lugano, Switzerland.

1980 Galleria 5610, Tokyo, Japan.

1980 Galleria 412, Tokyo, Japan.

1981 Galleria Suzanne Bollag, Zurich, Switzerland.

1982 Galleria La Loggia, Carona, Switzerland.

1986 Tonino Art Gallery, Campione d’Italia, Italy.

1986 Galleria Vivan, Tokyo, Japan.

1995 “Il tapetto”, Primo piano, Lugano, Switzerland.

1998 “Io, Aoi”, Living Design Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

1998 Castello di Sasso Corbaro, Bellinzona, Switzerland.

2009 “Colors”, Max Museo, Chiasso, Switzerland.

2010 “Room”, Gallery 5610, Tokyo, Switzerland.

2012 “Prova colore”, Galleria Stellanove, Mendrisio, Switzerland.

2013 “Aoi e Max Huber”, Casa Pasquèe, Massagno, Switzerland.

2014 “150 Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Switzerland and Japan”, with Max Huber, Galleria 5610, Tokyo, Japan.

2015 Box&Needle, Kyoto, Japan.

2021 “Nakama”, Galleria DoppiaV, Lugano, Switzerland.

2021 “Acqueforti, Acrilici, Arazzi”, Museo d’Arte Mendrisio, Mendrisio, Switzerland.

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