The bent armchair

This chair was created at Japan’s only bentwood furniture factory, which continues to make use of traditional methods. Its structure, composed of a minimal number of bentwood parts and a rattan backrest, combines the modern and the classic to express a bentwood chair in the unique design language. The rattan backrest confers not only design but also a delicacy and familiarity through gentle, back-supporting comfort, for a chair that can be used by a wide range of generations.

The technology for bentwood was invented by German Michael Thonet around 1840. Bentwood is a method of construction that takes advantage of a characteristic of wood in that it does not return to its original shape after deformation under pressure. Solid wood is boiled and is shaped along a mould to form beautiful curves.

The technology for bentwood was introduced to Japan over a century ago. The mould jigs, indispensable tools for beautiful moulding, are manually adjusted and created by skilled artisans with immaculate precision. During moulding, solid wood is steamed for a long time at close to 100°C, then infused with moisture and bent according to the jig.

To fabricate a chair using the technique of bentwood, we conceived of a design that inherits history to become a contemporary standard. The bent armchair is made in Japan’s only factory that specializes in three-dimensional bentwood, inheriting manual construction methods from long ago. The frame structure follows that of conventional bentwood chairs, but the rear legs and the armrests retain straight portions that add a modern sophistication. The arm portion is bent to its limit, in pursuit of a beautiful curve that nicely fits the hand. The rattan backrest cradles the body and enhances comfort.

Bentwood chairs by Time & Style, in which the modern and the classic coexist, give form to the unsparing commitment of the makers to their products. Just as bentwood chairs remain beloved around the world, it is our hope that the bent armchair will be welcomed into people’s lives across a wide range of generations.

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