This chair was designed for the restaurant “yakumo saryo”, which expresses traditional and modern Japanese aesthetics, and is located in a renovated house in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. In order to blend in to the Japanese cuisine tradition and the aesthetics of the restaurant, the shell is covered with white canvas.

The shell shape provides a simple western element, and the crossed front and back legs extending under the cover are connected by bars. The appearance with the connecting bars, the cross-legged design, and the white canvas cover provide a pure atmosphere. Within the Japanese appearance of the chair, there is an atmosphere of civilization and enlightenment, like when Western culture was introduced to Japan during the Meiji and Taisho periods. Even today, chairs covered with white canvas are used for public places that require cleanliness, such as the National Diet Building of Japan and meeting places for political representatives. This chair was designed to create a pure appearance to welcome guests.

This elegant and graceful chair can be used for various locations, including lounge spaces and waiting areas, in addition to dining spaces.