house storage

To realize a beautiful living environment, Time & Style not only worked to develop movable furniture, such as chairs and couches, but also functional and efficient storage furniture made with natural wood giving a sense of true affluence, instead of chemical product manufacturing, from the perspective of fixed storage furniture that constitutes housing spaces. We attached our mind to deliver well-designed and practical furniture for everyday use, which is carefully made one-by-one by experienced furniture upholsterers holding superior craftsmanship while giving full attention to production.

What we cherish is function, natural materials, design, and safety. The newly implemented sliding rails and functional metal fittings ensure stress-free usability even in a small space. 

All of which provide efficiency for daily chores and day-to-day activities and incorporate high-quality functionality and utility paired with intrinsic beauty in people’s lives at the same time. You feel a presence of authentic wood textures and natural materials even in an industrialized living space if you are surrounded with furniture crafted with high-quality natural wood veneers giving the warmth and comfort of wood. 

In addition, the boldly designed doors bring a sense of stability by controlling the balance and proportionality with the walls. There are 97 variations of sizes, specifications, and materials, eliciting individuality with the aim of creating beautiful forms and a sense of unity for various spaces. In this age when people are concerning about the risks of movable storage furniture at the time of earthquakes, we pursue sustained efforts to ensure safety to prevent furniture tipping accidents and contents from flying out by securing furniture to walls and implementing sliding doors as we also focus on the safety of the living environment.