Trifle is a side table that was created by product designer Daisuke Kitagawa. Exhibited in the SaloneSatellite at Salone del Mobile in Milan, trifle was originally designed as a small table incorporating a trash bin. Utilizing a simple and minimal design, the designer actualized and combined two functional elements, one a side table and the other a magazine rack or a trash bin, by the simple shaping of the object in a horizontal fashion.

In addition to the simplicity and minimalist appearance of the design, the sharply cut slit opening and the paper-thin metal construction of this piece makes a delicate impression but one that is sharp and solid at the same time. The cylindrical body of this side table is made by first cutting and bending fan-shaped steel plates, and then welding both ends together. A raising process is then applied to the steel basket in order to create a precise cone shape. By welding the circular steel top and base plate together from the inside, we made sure that no signs of welding appear on the surface. This is a precision product due to the accuracy of the bending process and the raising technique used for metal forming.

In the last stage of manufacture, coating professionals use hand-blown coating techniques to accurately and carefully apply a matte texture finish from the outside to the inside. Painting the inside surface of any object smoothly and evenly by hand-blowing is, in fact, a very difficult technique. Trifle reflects the bond between the creative team of artisans skilled in metalwork and metal coating, acting under the direction of the designer, Kitagawa.

Designer: Daisuke Kitagawa