A table in the silent forest

Its elements as a table are assembled with the simplest possible configuration. It consists of a single top, two legs, and four simple parts that serve to connect the two legs. However, we designed and finished each of these parts in detail. Making a product with a simplistic design is merely primitive, and does not produce a look of refinement. This method of eliminating the table’s presence while preserving its individuality and sophistication is referred to in Japan as “static dynamism”. It’s a term that conveys the coexistence of the quiet and dynamic.

From Japan’s crafts, such as swords, lacquer, and mother-of-pearl, to the form of its shrines and temples, this “static dynamism” is a uniquely Japanese aesthetic sense and the essence of making things to which its people aspire. To be present with the quiet dignity of a shrine or temple while having the holiness of a sanctuary made of unfinished wood that can withstand the elements. This is the style of table that we had been searching for.

The tabletop is formed from 35 mm-thick solid boards of random widths put together. Selecting the materials and connecting them at random widths gives the top a more natural look. To make the top appear as thin as possible, we cut the edges at curves to within 10 mm, then gave it slopes for a form that returns to 35 mm. Plus, the legs that support the tabletop have been given a delicate streamlined form, yet remain reliably strong.

When iron and water are applied to the tannins contained within oak, the iron and tannins react to produce a black color. This staining technique has been handed down in Japan for ages, and we have adopted a finishing method for a deep grey color that utilizes this special characteristic of natural materials. And for the unfinished wood, we have introduced a soap finish that takes advantage of the resistance toward soapy water to bring out even more of a dignified appearance from the unfinished wood.

We also offer a finish using sunflower oil from Hokkaido, made from natural ingredients we have always used, and our original beeswax finish made using a blend that contains domestically-produced beeswax.

The type of finish can dramatically change the look of a product. We recommend taking advantage of the unique benefits of each finish and choosing them carefully according to your purpose and style.