Designed by Kengo Kuma, the PE table is a simple table made only with steel or stainless. Owing to its simple design, the thinness of the top board, the thickness of the support, and the balance of the base are carefully organized. By minimizing the number of parts, the size of the top board and base was determined to efficiently use the materials. Care was also taken for the back of the top board to give it a beautiful appearance.

The surface is finished with a black oxide coating to convey the solid feel of the material. The black oxide coating was created by oxidization while gradually cooling down after the iron was processed at temperatures of about 1,000 degrees. As the black oxide coating occurs naturally, the color gradation and textures are uneven.

The color paints and plated-iron materials offer has stable quality, giving a sense of security. Still, the black oxide coating allows us to express iron’s natural scratches, color unevenness, subtle dents, and other senses of the material that tend to be hidden by pigment finishes. Its rustic, rugged appearance emits a mysterious charm.

Design: Kengo Kuma