Lotus rain

Lotus rain is a table with an upright rim at the edge of the round tabletop. The center part of the flat solid wood tabletop is carved, leaving the rim on the edge. The tabletop with the rim is one solid piece of wood. A slight and small curve rises from the center side of the table to form the fine rim. A careful polishing process by craftsmen is important for finishing the product to have a beautiful and smooth curved surface.

We created a table, taking advantage of the round tabletop shape with a great presence, just like a lotus leaf floating in a pond. We envisioned a scene within the calm product appearance, in which it receives raindrops just like a lotus leaf. An intense appearance will be formed in a quiet space, due to the presence of the table. We desired to create a table with great presence and meaning, which can accept the minds of people who gather around the table and would be kept in their minds.

The legs and round rung, which supports the entire tabletop, are connected as one piece. They are also made from a solid piece of wood. The solid wood tabletop with a rim, resembling a lotus leaf, sits on a base with the four legs and rung.