Horizontal table

We consider the cube as a basis for products. We believe that the basis of things exists in cubes and spheres, and cubes contain a universal starting point for every product. There is a reason why the earth and moon are round. Structures such as houses and boxes consist of the simplest cubes, and larger-scale structures are also made of a cubic composition.

In contrast, plants and animals, including humans, have more complicated forms. Blood vessels all over the human body have structures and functions to allow smooth blood flow. The human body can be moved freely without any problems. This can only be called a miracle of nature. In nature, essential forms have been developed over a long period of time. We believe that we should learn from the basic elements of living organisms and substances. By doing so, we may be able to find forms and appearances of things that fit in with future life.

This dining table utilizes the exact cubic shape. The legs vertically extend to the tabletop, forming the tabletop frame. The rungs, connecting the legs, also form the tabletop frame for the very simple table. The tabletop frame, surrounded by solid wood legs and rungs, provides a framing effect to brace the entire table. Since the tabletop is designed to be placed inside the frame, an expression resembling a lake on the ground was given to the glass tabletop. In addition to the glass tabletop, a wooden tabletop with an attached thick wood veneer is also available. Furthermore, the Horizontal table series has different-sized dining tables, as well as low tables. The low tables are designed with drawers, in order to provide functionality while maintaining the simple design.

This cubic table has the simplest form, but most appropriately expresses the philosophy of Time & Style. With its composition of a simple form and materials, the table can be used for years without becoming boring, changing its expression in various situations. Since the thickness of the legs and tabletop and the compatibility with chairs become more important when a table has a simpler form, we paid the most attention to the sizes of the parts and the balance between them. A fine balance greatly affects the appearance of the product, particularly when it has a simple design. The simple table has important details, and they are very vital factors.