“Fragile” is not a word that should be used in relation to furniture. This side table was designed to be placed by the side of a sofa or inserted over a sofa seat. It features a cantilevered construction, formed from a tabletop, bottom board, and two vertical struts finely shaved into circular arcs. The rounded solid wood frame of the tabletop and bottom board are cut out from pieces of natural wood.

The side table is made in a chair factory that does not normally produce side tables, because strength and stability are the most important factors in this design. Chairs need to be structurally engineered to last for many years, bearing the weight of heavy persons day after day. In addition, methods used to assemble chairs provide far higher strength than those used for other kinds of furniture.

Thus, this side table was endowed with the same strength-retaining capacity as a chair. Naturally, it cannot be used as a chair, but by constructing from two slender vertical struts, a heavy tabletop, and heavy bottom board, we created the side table to have the strength and stability to withstand many years of use. Since the vertical struts are both located on the same side, the table appears unstable at first glance, but the adoption of chair manufacturing techniques ensures appropriate strength and stability.

The round design enables the side table to be used anywhere and together with any style. Also, inserting it over a sofa seat creates a sense of unity between the sofa and side table, and the functionality and wood texture create a unique effect. The product is available in two heights. The low version is used as a side table, whereas the high version can also be placed next to another table, or used as a stand for flowers or as a small table in the middle of a space (as well as a side table). The name Fragile is not just a reference to instability; we also wanted to imbue this side table with the feeling of “Fragile”, the famous song by Sting.