Tasogare composition cabinet


Among our portfolio that values the presence and quiet dignity of our products, this product where gold and silver foil is applied is special. This gold-leafed cabinet was originally inspired by the traditional manufacturing techniques for Buddhist altars. From ancient times, the Japanese people have used gold-leafed folding screens for celebration. Additionally, in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, gold and silver leaf has been used for artworks and architecture from old times based on their technique of gold-leaf craftwork where gold bullion is thinned to the utmost.

Today, many traditional Japanese techniques and room decorations have been lost in our daily lives, instead of evolving from classic to new uses. Because foil in gold and silver is thin, the wood grain shows through. The appearance of the leaf harmonized with the natural wood grain reflects Japanese elegance. By applying traditional Japanese gold and silver leaf to modern cabinets, we have succeeded in diversifying the product appearance from the materials. The technique of putting gold and silver leaf has been executed by Buddhist-altar manufacturers and gold-lacquer masters. Through this product, we would like to promote the combination of a modern design with traditional materials and techniques. Although the furniture is movable, it can be a decorative background to space. Large cabinets especially can act as a byobu-e (a traditional folding screen with a painting).