Pastel composition cabinet

The Pastel composition cabinet finished with mirror urethane paint, is the most modern-looking edition to this cabinet series. Although the basic details and specs are the same, this cabinet uses MDF for the base material of the main body, on which the mirror urethane paint is applied. Form impression emphasizes the entire design and, therefore, has a most modern appearance.

In order to realize a smooth surface, no dust is allowed on the mirror urethane paint. This thickly painted finish also requires a long time to dry. In winter, it takes about twice a time as in summer. Color is very important in the Pastel composition cabinet, so we didn’t choose typical colors in mirror paint such as pure white and black, instead, we focused on soft intermediate colors as shown by the name pastel. The existence of large shiny furniture providing a tender impression in a living space is achieved from the comfortable balance between mirror paint and the colors. The Pastel composition cabinet in your home will provide a tender atmosphere while remaining modern.