Standard composition cabinet

We have a wide range of sizes that customers can select to suit their spaces and needs, such as the living room, dining room, and bedroom. Other than using this cabinet alone, by joining two or three of them, it becomes possible to make the space comfortable and refined, fusing with the space to create a tranquil and stately atmosphere in addition to its functionality of “storage”. The drawers and the push latch doors do not have functions and ornaments of handles and knobs for an infinitely simple design. This is a series with the main body, doors, and drawers having edges made up of delicate lines to form a tidy grid that creates tension. The deep woodiness from the thick veneer as well as the stately presence of the brass legs are the most prominent features.

In recent years, it became common for sheets with wood grain printed onto them and new building materials to be used as surface materials of cabinets. However, the outer case of the cabinet is made with a thick sliced veneer to represent a solid block of wood with a heavy feel.

We process thick veneer on our own. This veneer is bonded with people’s sensibilities while keeping an eye on the balance of the wood grain and colour so that it looks natural, like solid boards. We think that each of these minute elements accumulate to make the entire product condensed for a firm sense of presence.

Standard composition cabinet is the edition with the simplest structure among the series of composition cabinets.

Materials and finishes available for this product