Purple Rain

Clear color acrylic boards are processed to produce a drawer tower. There are two types: one with two A4-sized trays for each row and the one with a simple design of one A3-sized tray for each row. It comes in two colors: purple and green. First, we cut the materials by efficiently dividing a board with 5-mm thickness. At first, glance, although it appears that boards of the same thickness are simply put together, there are thin grooves on the shelf boards for trays to pull out straight without hitting the sideboards. We wanted the drawers to have a high level of functionality, with a high degree of perfection. While the drawers are designed to store documents, the Purple Rain was designed with an emphasis on beautiful appearance in addition to function as storage furniture.

Because every corner of the joints is transparent and visible, the accuracy of adhesion determines how beautiful it looks like a product. To eliminate space, it is vital to cut materials with accurate measurements. As each drawer has several dozen adhesion parts, a small difference can cause considerable problems. Boards are joined together carefully while the accuracy of each board is checked. There are no do-overs after a board is glued together. We believe that such detailed and careful workmanship is the largest benefit of Japanese manufacturing. The accumulation of detailed handiwork creates a singular appearance that exudes its presence in space as a beautiful object. Purple and green were selected for the furniture in the pursuit of a slightly cool nuance. The image is a mass of color with a quiet yet strong presence creating a poetic sight in a scene with a chic tone.