Jacket in the Rainbow

With a classical frame, we combined glass that gives the appearance of a rainbow by changing to various colors depending on the angle. The glass is covered with a special film that acts as a dichroic filter to reflect certain wavelengths of light and allow other wavelengths to pass through. Contrasting with the conservative design of the frame, at first glance the colorful glass may seem mismatched, but as we considered all the situations in which the wardrobe could possibly be used, we settled on this form.

A wardrobe is a showcase for presenting your clothing collection. If the wardrobe doors are wooden, it is impossible to see the clothes you are looking for from the outside. However, storage with doors made of a transparent material such as glass or exposed storage such as coat hangers, jumble the clothing and create noise in the living space. We initially considered using grey glass. With grey glass, it is possible to see the clothing inside while the wardrobe door is shut, while also keeping the living space looking tidy. However, we wanted to give this product a more aggressive and challenging presence. Rather than simply being used to store clothing collections, we envisioned the wardrobe as standing in the entrance hall and being used to store guests’ jackets or coats. As they see their coats being put away inside a wardrobe that switches between seven colors, your guests are sure to be delighted, and probably quite startled as well. We hope you will enjoy this wardrobe’s artistic presence tinged with humor.