Horizontal composition cabinet

To make it look like a cube that offers a solid impression of wood, the entire main body is made using thick wood veneers so that it conveys the natural atmosphere of the material. The sense of unity comes from the horizontal lines of the wood grain.

The four legs supporting the main body are made with the same solid-wood material as the main body. So that the entire cabinet will not look heavy while showing the texture of wood, the inner sides of the legs are processed to depict soft curves, giving the cabinet a light presence.

The horizontal handholds of the cabinet, made by minimally hollowing out slits, add a transversely extended impression to the cabinet where the design would normally look heavy because of the materials, but instead bring a sense of unity and continuity to the cabinet drawers where the appearance would otherwise be stereotypical.

By placing cabinets of the same height side by side, and aligning the lines of the handholds and the doors and drawers, you can let the diverse combination maintain continuity in a uniform rhythm. The impression of this cabinet is formed by the slits, which offer both a handhold and a good design with a sense of extension, as well as the natural atmosphere of the wood material.