museum cabinet for private collection

Released in 2015 as a cabinet that beautifully showcases pieces like collection cases in museums, museum cabinet for private collection has become a symbolic product of our craftsmanship.

The frame composing the body incorporates traditional Japanese assembly methods, emphasizing strength and design. We gave the outer surface of the frame a gentle bulge that replaces the hard expression common to cabinets with a soft impression. Classic beading decoration lends a Japanese and Oriental air.

With the fittings of Japanese furniture and houses in mind, we equipped this cabinet with Japanese-style sliding doors, using the old-fashioned method of carving grooves at the top and bottom of the door frame without the use of rails or other metal parts.

In Japan, where wooden architecture over a millennium old still stands, techniques have matured in line with local features and climate, and outstanding woodworking technologies have been handed down to the present. We constructed this cabinet using only Japanese woodworking techniques, as if making a small building.

Materials and finishes available for this product