Drawers for creative documents

Pull-on the handles protruding from the cabinet’s front board, and the wooden trays inside the cabinet slide out. As you do this, the top-opening flap doors rise gently in coordination. Seeing this feels slightly strange, but in fact, we devised this mechanism based on ideas incorporated into old Japanese furniture. In ancient Japan, chests of drawers might have a hidden additional drawer behind the drawers, or a box might open by pressing and pushing up a plate that at a glance is unrecognizable as a lid. There was a diversity of furniture and tools with various adaptions using joints, grooves, or other innovations created by craftsmen using their knowledge and expertise. Referring to these ideas, we decided to create functional storage furniture using simple rather than complicated mechanisms. Pull the handles and it is possible to pull the trays completely out of the cabinet body, placing them on the desktop when in use. When your work is complete, the trays can be put back in place. Simple and practical, we thought it would be good to create analog furniture that is not fixed with slide rails or other metal fittings.

In recent years as kitchens have become an increasingly high performance, special metal fittings have emerged one after the other, such as slide rails that provide smooth movement, functional hinges, one-touch openings and sliding, and other metal fittings with a range of functions. However, in many cases, such functional metal fittings become defective in less than ten years, and the fact is that multifunctional means more complicated and difficult to repair. The theme of where we seek a balance between maintainability and functionality is an essential question for the essence of furniture and expresses the philosophy of furniture brands.

Even if movement may be slightly awkward, furniture with analog functions can always be easily repaired. It is desirable for furniture to remain functional and be used for a long time while aging gracefully. No doubt this is also the reason why many vintage cars that still run today and electronic appliances with designs that have never changed are made with analog mechanisms. Although cutting-edge technology is important in the process of evolution in modern times, these functions become obsolete in just a few years. How long will people continue to repeat this cycle? We do not think that this is true social evolution, but we do think that this is beautiful product manufacturing. It seems to be a happier alternative in today’s world to use products carefully with simple analog mechanisms that can continue to be loved for a long time.

We want you to hold these handles and pull them. The analog sound of wood rubbing against wood is sure to evoke comfortable sensations. The smoked glass was inset into the back and sides of the cabinet, making the trays inside and the flap doors visible. Please enjoy using this cabinet to not only store documents but also store and display precious objects, art, jewelry or even shirts. Use the cabinet freely to store your collections as you please.