The development and manufacturing of Timeline was very challenging although it seems to have a simple design. We thought it would be easy to produce a stool, bench and ottoman with vertical legs since they have a simple construction: a seat surface with appropriate thickness placed on legs and wooden frame. However, when we started producing prototypes, we found issues with every part of them and the final prototypes had appearance completely different from what we drew in the design.

I still remember how shocked we were back then.

These products are simply composed of two separate parts: seat and legs. However, when those parts were assembled together, the product gave a primitive impression with low attractiveness. I still remember the feeling of the seat hitting the base surface when I sat down on the prototype for the first time. The saying “Simple is the most difficult” echoed in my mind at that time. The prototype’s outcome is determined by the path we take in solving issues one at a time. We reviewed the design of the legs and seat frame numerous times and checked the shape by shaving the prototypes with planes and sanders. We use our hands to shave wood parts of most of our prototype chairs and tables in the development process to reach the destination.

Sometimes the impression of the final product meets our expectations without any modification. In most cases, however, the path to final production is winding. Slight modification or bold turning of direction is required on the way. At times, we find a treasure during that process. Expressions of products change by a micro-level adjustment in trial and error. They require lines and senses that cannot be expressed in drawings and the organic curve cannot be produced by computers or machines. The joy of manufacturing is in the creation process and discovery.

While shaving the legs and seat frame of this product, we searched for the point to harmonize the smooth relationship of legs, seat frame, and seat surface while maintaining unity as a product. Corners of an upper surface of the seat frame were shaved to form a gradual curve and the seat surface stands up from inside the seat frame. The seat frame is slightly larger than the seat surface. A resilient seat surface is provided using small pocket coils to obtain comfortable cushion in a thin seat surface while keeping high rigidity of the product.