Concerto sonata (NEW)

A concerto sonata from members of Japan’s regional industries

When finely decorated Buddhist altar objects and pieces of tea ceremony ware are cast with brass or bronze,
a prototype mold is first made with wax, whose outside is then coated in a limestone film to create a casting mold. Molten bronze or other metals can then be poured into this mold in a method called “lost-wax casting.” There are only a few foundries left in Japan which specialize in this casting method.
This sofa’s bronze legs are made one-by-one by hand at a lost-wax casting foundry located in Takaoka, Toyama. The crosspiece connecting the four legs is cast with a bronze extrusion method using a unique die at the only such factory left in Kyoto. Further, the side table paired with the sofa is made at our factory in Hokkaido, and the sofa’s main body is produced in Miyagi.

The sofa is completed after inner wooden components, polyurethane foam, and synthetic cotton come together to form a base, and the entire body is covered with fabric and leather.

Just like a concerto, where a diverse array of tones intertwine to form a single lovely song, each one of our products is made through industry cooperation from production areas all around Japan, where industry partners come together to infuse their regional flavors and characteristics.