living environment for ecosystem (NEW)

We sought comfort that allows users to relax and entrust their entire body to it amidst a sofa with a standard and straightforward design.

The body’s sitting surface comprises two layers, a base seat, a seat cushion, and the base seat contains multiple layers of urethane for an appropriate amount of bounciness.

Urethane foam is used for the seat cushion’s core material, and by wrapping that core material with synthetic fiber padding, we created a soft touch.

By adding a back cushion with the same internal structure, the sitting surface and back surface’s bounciness are similar. The user’s entire body is enveloped by the same softness when sitting on the sofa.

We aimed for a sofa system that allows the user’s body to be pleasantly comfortable.

A table to be positioned on the side or back surface of the sofa can be selected. By combining a table with it, an unconstrained and wide space can be created, and the combination of different materials makes diverse expressions possible.