To make a chair, there is an unlimited variety of combinations of material and style, and there are different styles of chairs throughout the world. On the other hand, the elements which comprise a sofa are limited. Sofa manufacturing in Japan involves the construction of a wood frame, making the internal structure, adding fabric and leather over urethane or feather bags for comfortable sitting. Another method is to form a mold with a metal core frame and urethane foam. Among these limited manufacturing methods, producing a new sofa by generating ideas is a battle.

McCartney sofa has high comfort with low proportions as if the sofa rises up from the floor, and has a very good balance. Focusing on the corner sofa, a line-up of three-seater sofas has been prepared. The height of the back of the sofa has been reduced, preserving a uniform height throughout the entire length to emphasize the horizontal stretch. The sofa arm has also been lowered to create a sense of greater breadth and depth without sacrificing the horizontal stretch of the seat. In addition, the seat structure looks like placed cushions and is integrated with the bottom base to give the appearance of being thin while ensuring comfortable sitting.

The broadness of the sofa is emphasized without appearing too heavy. The seat has an ensured depth so that you can comfortably lie down, and can be used as a day bed. By adding back cushions, comfortable sitting has been achieved in the deep sofa. Moreover, lower cushions were added to both arms, to serve as cushions to support the arm, and for design effect. The back and arm cushions can also be used to support one’s back or even as a pillow. With a strong McCartney presence, our characteristic horizontal design influences one’s definition and sense of the value of a sofa. Furthermore, this product will be loved and supported both now and long into the future.