This lounge chair with a relaxing and easygoing design is a longer-depth version of the dining chair Long. The Ming Dynasty style has a strong and unique characteristic of China, and is difficult to translate into modern designs. Round bars were carved from a solid wood board, and the six parts were connected to form the arm, instead of bending a piece of wood. It creates a soft line from the arm to the backrest.

A considerably long time was required to connect the segmented parts and form the curve with a natural outline. A bent solid wood piece was used for the back board. The legs of this Ming Dynasty style chair are connected to the arms, backrest, and back posts, forming a large arch. The chair creates a Chinese atmosphere with a modern sense of tension and softness in a space. This chair represents the respect of Japanese people for Chinese people and culture.

Item No. I-254
Size: W666×D645×H730×SH408×AH590
Wood: Oak
Finish: Beeswax / Black / Charcoal gray / Snow white / Dark wenge
Wood: Walnut
Finish: Beeswax
Seat: Fabric upholstered(F) / Leather upholstered(L)
The height of the chairs and tables have two different sizes for Japan and Europe.