Sculpture casting bronze table

In ancient Japan, metal casting technology was originally used mainly for Buddhist ceremonial articles and statues. In recent times, it has also come to be used to create art pieces and monuments. While until now such castings have been produced as single items, we believe that we can change the status quo of the industry by harnessing local craftsmanship, making use of Japan’s outstanding casting techniques, and working toward the sustained manufacturing of products and tools.

This table is modeled after our “Elliptical cylinder casting bronze table” mold. We aimed to bring to life a sculpture-like shape, which draws attention to the fact that its hallowed leg section is cast metal. By hollowing out the support leg, we succeeded in not only giving the table a bold presence; in terms of structure, the two support props also allow the table to hold a large tabletop. This serves to subdue vibrations in the table leg and provide overall stability to the table.

The elliptical tabletop gives off a soft impression and helps create a space in which many people can sit and face each other in a relaxed, roomy environment. While it may be easy to find other spacious elliptical or rectangular tables, none can match this one for its size or its impressive bronze leg. As for the look of the materials, we complemented the modern design of the table by dyeing the leg black using Japanese techniques and giving the top a dark stained finish. This product achieved its shape and form through Japanese craftsmanship that has been cultivated over many years, along with a highly sharpened sense of aesthetics.